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JDFOOT Best-Quality Fake Yeezy Website to Get Replica Yeezy Shoes

jdfoot is a 1:1 high quality replica Yeezy seller with original materials and genuine 100% details. jdfoot has Yeezy Boost 350 V2, Yeezy 380, Yeezy 500, Yeezy 700, Yeezy 700 V2, Yeezy 700 V3, Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN, Yeezy Slide, Yeezy Foam Runner, Yeezy Knit Runner. jdfoot's replica Yeezy sneaker are made of the same materials as the original shoes , they use a woven upper with a foam midsole, and the outsole is generally a translucent elastic rubber with a simple frame. Yeezy is a very unique shoe, using Primeknit technology plus a unique gray-black woven upper, Boost outsole, thick laces, a black leather half circle as a decoration on the midsole, and a heel made of canvas pull ring.

replica Yeezy brand introduction

"Yeezy" is a popular shoe with a similar style to the YEEZY sneakers jointly released by Adidas and Kanye West. The single product blessed by Kanye West's aura became very popular once it was released. The LOGO design is presented in a sans-serif English font. The overall strokes of the font are thicker. The letter "z" has more strokes with horizontal lines, and the pen ending is presented with a rounded rectangle. YEEZY brand products include a variety of replica sneaker.

replica Yeezy Brand Story

Only a few hours after the sale, the latest version of the YEEZY Boost 350 V2 was swept away. Kanye's appeal made this pair of heavy and unattractive shoes a high-profile sneaker, and "one shoe is hard to find" has also become a label of coconut shoes.

To talk about the biggest factor of yeezy's success, we have to start with Boost technology. It can be said that it may be the most important innovative technology of Adidas in recent years.

The Boost technology used by Jdfoot is the product of the cooperation between Adidas and the global chemical industry giant BASF Chemical Company in 2007. It splits TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) into thousands of micro-energy capsules like popcorn, making them have an extremely strong rebound effect, and then molds these small particles that can be stored and released into replica shoes the look of the midsole.

Although the appearance is unremarkable and even a bit like a foam board, Boost's shock absorption effect is very strong. Each small capsule can effectively squeeze, expand, and rebound at every step in the movement, thereby accumulating and releasing energy, and adapting From high temperature of 40°C to severe cold of minus 20°C, energy efficiency will not be reduced due to climate change.

When jdfoot launched its first Energy Boost in 2013, it quickly sold out. But even though Adidas sold 1.5 million pairs of Boost that year, this is still a niche professional running shoe series. The unfashionable appearance also discourages many runners. People can't show it.

In January 2015, Adidas released the "world's best running shoes" Ultra Boost, which still focuses on Boost technology - 20% more Boost particles than the previous generation.

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