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LJR Air Jordan 11 High (20)

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If Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 are the ancestors of basketball shoes, then LJR Batch Replica Jordan 11 high is the most important milestone in the history of basketball shoes. Air Jordan 11 replica is a "defender basketball shoe" that has never appeared in the Jordan series of basketball shoes. It is not just as simple as a classic for the Jordan series, and even the entire history of basketball replica shoes. Maybe we can think of this as a watershed moment between old and new basketball shoes.

Replica Jordan 11 is the first pair in the history of basketball shoes to use patent leather design, which makes the replica shoes not easy to be stretched, and the nylon material of the upper completely reduces the overall load. For the first time, a full-fiber carbon plate is added to the sole, which is what we call a carbon plate, to prevent the distortion of the sneakers and quickly correct the sole. Fast startup speed. The carbon fiber support plate became the hallmark of the top basketball replica sneakers in the future. The sole is matched with crystal clear crystal bottom, which also makes the sole of replica Jordan 11 high an irreplaceable classic.Air Jordan 11 Replica's midsole cushioning technology, Tinker Hatfield did not use the newly developed Zoom air cushion, and continued to use the Air Sole air cushion with satisfactory performance in all aspects during the safe period. The cushioning performance reached a whole new level at that time.

LJR Batch Replica Jordan 11 Glory Moment

Replica Jordan 11 high Retro CDP

To commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the Air Jordan series, Jordan Brand specially launched two CDP suits that add up to exactly 23. Among them, the most sought-after is naturally the powerful suit including Air Jordan 11 "Bred" and Air Jordan 12 "taxi".

Replica Jordan 11 high high Retro "Cool Grey"

This pair of Air Jordan 11 "Cool Gery", which was engraved at the end of 2010, has the same color scheme as the slam dunk. It was first sold on the market during the first large-scale engraving of AJ11 during 2000-2001.

Replica Jordan 11 high Retro "Gamma Blue"

The overall upper adopts a black tone, with a gamma blue crystal outsole, and the golden embellishment on the heel and mesh make the whole pair of shoes more eye-catching.

Replica Jordan 11 high Retro 72-10

To commemorate the 95-96 season, Jordan led the Bulls to an amazing record of 72 wins and 10 losses. Averaged 30.4 points, 6.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 2.2 steals per game, FMVP, MVP, AMVP, scoring champion, first team, first defense, All-Star starter.

Jdfoot tells you about Air Jordan 11 Replica, the re-enactment of the most popular generation of the Air Jordan series, as if hoping to tell the younger generation that year, the glory and shine in the basketball world. He represents Jordan's lofty ambitions and the golden generation. Concord, Bred, Cool Grey, Space Jam and other classic color engravings, coupled with the appearance of Legend Blue Legend Blue and Pantone North Carolina Blue new dresses, Replica  Jordan 11 high is still presented in full sportsman's style, full of dynamic sports feeling, It is the essence of the 11th generation, and it is also the basic setting that has never changed.

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