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LJR Air Jordan 4 (116)

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The Replica Air Jordan 4 is one of the most popular replica shoes in the entire AJ series. jdfoot's Air Jordan 4 is also a hot seller all year round. The reason is not only the commemorative significance, but also its reasonable design, high technology content, and wearability.

Replica Jordan 4 introduction:

Air Jordan 4 is the fourth-generation boots of American basketball star Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan), launched in 1988, the designer is Tinker Hatfield. As a continuation of an era, Jordan once again won the season's scoring title wearing Air Jordan 4. This is the third consecutive year that Jordan has won the title. At the end of the G5 game against the Cavaliers in 1989, Jordan used his sky-defying ability to stay in the air and hit the famous "the shot" lore.

Replica Jordan 4 material:

The designer of Air Jordan 4 is Tinker Hatfield (the legendary designer who designed Air Mag), and we can see the most obvious mark on his manuscript is that there is a mark of air circulation, which is because Michael Jordan gave gave him a task - he wanted a pair of lighter replica sneakers. So Tinker Hatfield replaced the leather with a large area of plastic mesh to reduce weight. It is also because of its light weight that NIKE divided Air Jordan 4 into the Flight camp at that time. At that time, jdfoot divided all the sneakers into two factions, Flight and Force. Flight represents a lightweight and flexible sneaker, while Force represents a tough, air-cushioned center shoe. This is also the origin of the word Flight on the Air Jordan 4.

For the first time, Replica Jordan 4 adopts the combination of nylon mesh and leather in the upper design, and applies Over-molded supercast film mesh material technology, which greatly reduces the weight of the sneakers. In order to make up for the support, Air Jordan 4 has designed an inverted triangle at the ankle The plastic protective sheet is connected to the laces to lock the stability of the ankle area, which balances lightness, breathability and support.

Inside the replica sneakers, the Air Jordan 4 Reps uses urabuck, a high-durability material, equipped with sole air cushion, which perfectly balances the shock absorption performance and stability, and the most cutting-edge insole technology at that time makes the sole of the foot feel soft and comfortable, and is not easy to get tired. Ordinary basketball shoes have the disadvantage of stiff feet due to enhanced support. It also inherits the lighter appearance of the three generations, which is convenient for daily matching.

LJR Batch Replica Jordan 4 glory moment

Air Jordan 4 black red

The first appearance was on February 12, 1989 in the 39th NBA All-Star Game held in Houston, Texas. That year Karl Malone won the MVP trophy as he wished. eye-catching. For the first time in his life, he appeared in the audience wearing Air Jordan 4 black and red.

Air Jordan 4 Thor

There is no story background, and it does not include trendy brands. The joint names of celebrities can make shoe fans applaud by themselves. The classics are "Thor" and "Dianmu". It is unexpected by everyone, the whole body is black and bright yellow, which is low-key and eye-catching without losing personality.

Air Jordan 4 Charity Superman

It is the highlight of the charity series. How could it have been thought that it was the best replica shoes that was called the "Four Great Masterpieces" of the first generation of Internet celebrities together with the Air Jordan 4 Reps Cavaliers, Air Jordan 6 Oreo, and Air Jordan 13 Panda. Is it also your youth? To say that the most out-of-the-box charity series is this Charity Superman.

In addition to its landmark revolutionary significance and excellent performance, replica Jordan 4 also has a unique design. The huge shoe handle is the symbol of Air Jordan 4, and the reverse Air Jordan label on the shoe can be said to be the identity of the entire Air Jordan 4. The finishing touch.

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