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LJR Air Jordan 1 High (117)

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Replica Jordan 1 is the classic NO.1 in the heart of every replica sneaker fan. Since 1985, replica Jordan 1 has opened the era of Nike Jordan's basketball shoes, and this enduring shoe type has continued to this day. Although replica Jordan 1 is not the best actual combat shoe among basketball shoes, it is indeed a well-deserved favorite of stars and hipsters. Especially in the past two years, more and more girls have driven replica Jordan 1.

Replica Jordan 1 High is the earliest and most classic AJ1 shoe model. The AJ1 we usually refer to actually refers to it. The most important feature of replica Jordan 1 High is: Nike Air is marked on the tongue, and there are 9 holes for shoelaces. Jdfoot has replica Jordan 1 high's first year colorway, classic colorway and cooperation shoes, providing the best replica sneakers for every sneaker lover.

Some little stories about Replica Jordan 1 

1. First year color scheme

Replica Jordan 1 Retro High OG Bred "Banned"

This pair of black and red Bred is the first color of the Replica Jordan 1. It has a nickname called "Black and Red Forbidden", and the story behind it is very interesting: in the era when the NBA stipulated that only black and white sneakers could be worn, Jordan still insisted on wearing black and red Bred on the court, and replica shoes Nike was also willing to help Jordan pay a huge fine , as the "advertising fee" for this pair of shoes.

Of course, the effect of this advertisement is excellent. Until now, everyone is still willing to pay for this "rebellion". Black and red are also widely welcomed by everyone.

Replica jordan 1 Retro High OG "Chicago"

The "Chicago" color scheme is the traditional color of the Chicago Bulls, red and white with black swoosh, the most classic but also the most popular. In the game against the Celtics in 1986, Jordan wore this Chicago color scheme and scored an astonishing 63 points in a single game.

2. Classic color

In addition to the color scheme of the first year, some classic color schemes of the Air Jordan 1 Reps after that are also worth starting with, the most famous of which is the "Smashing Backboard" series, black, white and orange.

Replica Jordan 1 Retro High "Shattered Backboard"

In 1985, in an All-Star exhibition game held in Italy, Jordan smashed the plexiglass backboard with a flying dunk, and the glass shattered all over the ground in an instant. At that time, Jordan was wearing "Chicago" color sneakers and black, white and orange jerseys.

Inspired by the jersey at this historical moment, Air Jordan 1 Reps launched the black and white orange color matching "Black Button" (Jordan's home jersey color) and "White Button" (away jersey color) in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

3. Cooperation shoes

After talking about the popular color schemes, what I want to talk about next is the must-have cooperation models that shoe fans are "crazy". Those who can cooperate with LJR Batch AJ1 must be some "ruthless characters". Even those who don't know sneakers must have seen these cooperation models on various occasions.

Replica Jordan 1 x Off-White

Especially the Chicago color scheme, the concept of deconstruction and reorganization plus the eye-catching color scheme, people who don't know how to sneakers can get its beauty.

Replica Jordan 1 x Fragment Design

Fragment Design is the brand of Hiroshi Fujiwara, the godfather of Japanese fashion. His cooperation with AJ1 adopts the classic color scheme of white, blue and black. At first glance, it is no different from the general Replica Jordan 1, but the lightning logo representing Fragment Design on the side and rear of the vamp doubles the value of this pair of shoes, and it is really not rich. You can buy it!

Replica Jordan 1 x Travis Scott

Whether in the rap circle or the fashion world, Travis Scott's influence cannot be underestimated. Every time his sneaker cooperation is launched, it is always "sold out in an instant + price increase", not to mention the cooperation with AJ1, it is simply terrible!

The biggest highlight of this cooperation is that Nike's Swoosh is upside down. In front of this idea and Travis's reputation, even the humble earth-colored color scheme has become extra textured.

Welcome all of you who love replica sneakers to come to jdfoot to buy shoes!

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