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Air Jordan (795)

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The Brand Story of Replica Air Jordan
The Air Jordan brand is inherently performance footwear and a cultural icon. Michael Jordan rose to prominence both league and international, making his All-Star debut, winning Rookie of the Year and being dubbed "God incarnate" by Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird. Michael Jordan.
LJR Batch Air Jordan In addition to adopting the latest technology concept of "ankle support rope", Air Jordan also tries to use LASER laser engraving technology to highlight the glorious past of Michael Jordan and Air Jordan series. As long as you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that on the Velcro strap of the Air Jordan vamp, patterns of various shapes and sizes are engraved, and each pattern is an independent whole. Among them, we can find the highest score of Jordan's career; we can also see Jordan's birthday; the hand on the finger actually means that Jordan already has 6 championship rings.
The LJR Batch Air Jordan is no longer a rarity for most retro sneakers these days. But we shouldn't forget the significance of the launch of the Air Jordan in 2005. For us, the graphic on the Air Jordan upper is a language that has been added to history. It reveals the first 20 years of wind and rain, but records the history of Jordan and the Air Jordan series for 20 years. full of brilliance.

Air Jordan (AJ for short) is a sports shoe brand under Nike authorized by American NBA basketball superstar Michael Jordan. Nike was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Oregon, USA. The logo of the Air Jordan sports brand is Jordan's one-handed dunk in the air, often referred to as "Jumpman". The first pair of Air Jordan Is was issued to Michael Jordan on November 17, 1984, when he was a rising NBA star. After nearly 30 years, in addition to the main line "Air Jordan", there are other branch products, including Air Jordan Force, 6 rings, Air Jordan Spiz'ike, etc. There are also a variety of suits, special editions or limited styles.
In the past, Air Jordan was Michael Jordan's exclusive sneaker. Except for him, no other star has ever worn this game. The first star to wear Air Jordan was Scottie Pippen. Wearing Air Jordan X, he raised his sneakers in front of the camera and gestured, as if asking Jordan to retire from playing baseball. Back to the NBA. Since then, other celebrities have also started wearing it. Beginning in 2001, through Jordan Brand, Nike began to recruit some athletes as its spokespersons, called "Jordan Team" (Jordan Team), and it was not limited to basketball players. Examples include baseball player Derek Jeter, race car driver Dan Denny Hamlin, disabled track athlete April Holmes, and more.

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